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The Fourth Trimester Course

A course designed to prepare expecting and new moms for the mental health challenges associated with motherhood.

We tend to be reactive in our approach when it comes to maternal mental health, especially related to postpartum depression/anxiety.  This is a 7 module program that takes a proactive approach, informing mothers of what to expect mentally in the postpartum period.  Each module covers a different topic, explaining what it is, how it will present, and how the mom can work through this.  I believe in providing education and awareness before an event occurs in an effort to increase support and improve treatment outcomes.

  It also incorporates a postpartum care plan that is developed in your included 1:1 call with me and utilized in the postpartum period.  This course will provide you with the information you will not receive from your doctor and will raise awareness positioning you to transition effectively into motherhood.

Want to learn more? Click below and receive a detailed sneak peek as well as a code to use when you purchase the modules.

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