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The Nest
is no longer just a space for our babies to feel safe in

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Whenever I think about motherhood I immediately think about my children and the woman who I've become over the last five years.  I reflect on who I was, how I got where I am, and what I felt like I was missing along the way.  The world is filled with millions of moms who have years of experience, support, information, resources, and education about literally everything.  Somehow even with this depth of knowledge and understanding moms are still walking blindly into motherhood, researching, googling, "phoning friends" about the realities of motherhood and seeking to normalize their experience.

See, moms tend to put on a show or display what is going well in their lives because if we showed the realness then we could face judgement, stigma, and potentially be shamed by others.  We contribute to this false narrative and unreasonable expectations that put other moms at a disadvantage.  They are trying to achieve some arbitrary standard without recognizing that it isn't real.  

At The Whole Mom, we understand that motherhood is a unique and incredible adventure. Our mission is to create a warm, inclusive space where moms of all stages can come together, share their experiences, and support each other. Whether you're seeking advice, sharing your joys, or looking for a virtual shoulder to lean on during the tougher days, our community is here for you.

This is for the Mom who...

Is new to motherhood navigating the exciting, yet challenging journey of motherhood

An expecting mom eagerly awaiting the arrival of your little one.


Maybe you're a seasoned mom with a wealth of experience to share.


No matter where you are on your motherhood journey, you've found a supportive community right here.  A community of moms looking to redefine what motherhood looks like to them and no longer accepting their life as it "seems" they should.

What if instead of googling, or calling a friend who had a significantly different experience than you, you found a safe space to come to and share what is really going on?  

What if the people in that space were complete strangers to you and had nothing to gain by offering you support, encouragement, validation, guidance, and love? 

What if they were in that same space seeking those same things?

Would you come to that space as your authentic self?  Would you show up in your raw form to pour into others and allow your cup to run over with these same attributes?


The largest "happy hour" each week focused on your personal growth as a woman and a mother, guided by a maternal mental health expert accompanied by other moms/women seeking the same outcome as you.

A safe space to return to each week and process/manage the frustrations and challenges of motherhood, your career, relationships, and receive guidance and actionable steps to improve these areas.  Walking away from each call feeling empowered with new skills to put to use.

A solid community of like minded women who will push you, guide you, support you, and help you prepare to become the best version of yourself through weekly calls and check ins focused on specific topics of discussion.  Having your very own version of "google" but known as the "mom edition."

Who is this Space For?


New Moms searching for guidance


Seasoned moms looking to redefine who they are


Empty nesters searching for their next role



Step moms

Mother figures

Welcome to...

I have dreamed about creating this space and want to invite you to experience the power behind a group of mothers looking to redefine themselves, support one another, and build their confidence and resilience so they can feel like the powerhouses they are designed to be.  I believe in the power of community when it comes to motherhood and want to foster that environment for other moms to thrive in their roles rather than survive.  I want you to feel and see what can happen in your own life when you trade in what you "think" you have to "accept" for what you truly deserve.  I want you to feel the shift in your perspective as you align yourself with positivity, strength, humor, and consistent support.  I want it all for you, and I have created it.

This is How


Places where you will receive information in bulk that can be commented on, processed, and shared.


Space that offers resources and content you can absorb for your personal growth as a mother


Monthly LIVE calls focusing on topics requested by group members and will serve as informational and open coach hours


This space will be run by members seeking feedback, guidance, support, encouragement, etc.

Wait, theres more

Community Forums

Join our vibrant forums where you can connect with moms from all walks of life. Discuss parenting tips, share funny anecdotes, or seek advice from seasoned moms who have been there and done that

Expert Advice

Access a wealth of expert advice on various topics such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, baby care, and self-care. Our articles and resources are curated to provide you with accurate information and guidance throughout your motherhood journey.

Mom-to-Mom Support

Connect with other moms through our private messaging system. Build friendships, ask questions, and share the joys and challenges of motherhood with a supportive network that understands.

Virtual Events

Participate in our virtual events, workshops, and webinars designed to provide valuable insights, foster connections, and promote self-care. Whether it's a virtual coffee morning or a webinar on postpartum wellness, we've got you covered.

Three Membership Options


Basic Includes:

  • Access to the group discussion

  • Access to LIVE monthly zoom calls

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Pro Plan

  • Access to group discussions

  • Access to LIVE ZOOM Calls

  • Access to Q/A sessions and forum

  • Newsletter

  • One small group call a month with Nicole

  • Access to office hours for short coaching

  • 15% off access to course library

Motherhood is an incredible journey, but it's even better when you have a supportive community by your side. Join The Nest today and be part of a community that celebrates the joys of motherhood, shares the challenges, and provides the support you need.

Are you ready?

Click the link below and together, let's build a community where every mom feels heard, valued, and empowered. Welcome to your new virtual home – a place where moms thrive!

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