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Mental Health Services

​Becoming a new mother is one of the most rewarding and challenging times of a woman's life, and yet so few services are offered to support her during this time.  At The Whole Mom, we work with mothers through all phases of their journey to offer coaching and support as they transition from their life, into pregnancy and post-delivery. 
These transitional periods are crucial for them and require additional resources to support their evolving maternal mental health.  We place the focus on the mom and what it is she needs to be the best parent she can be to her new child.  We offer the support and flexibility of coaching calls and connections to provide her with the most up-to-date research regarding what she may experience, how to identify early signs and symptoms of postpartum depression/anxiety and normalize feelings and emotions during this time.  We need to wrap our arms around our new mothers, encourage them, and support them in an effort to generate the most positive transition into motherhood.​Follow the links below for some free daily checklists and a creative way to start taking care of yourself by playing BINGO, Whole Mom Style.​Be sure to follow along on Instagram @ nicole_kumi​​

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Transitional Coaching Services

Motherhood is a powerful, challenging, and pivotal point in women's lives and one we are left unprepared for.  This company was developed to assist expecting and new moms as they transition into motherhood and beyond.  Becoming a mother, while observed to be something women have been doing forever, goes far beyond conceiving, carrying, and delivering.  While our bodies may be "designed" to do this innately, we have found that our minds do not adjust accordingly.  We cannot flip a switch and expect our minds to adjust to a place it has never been exposed to.

I fill the gap in mental and emotional preparation that is not getting addressed in the physical appointments or discussions about your overall health.  I provide insight, education, preparation, and awareness for the other crucial parts of the mom during her journey.  These stages of motherhood can be terrifying and lonely, especially without the proper education, awareness, and support around the mental health components of postpartum.  We cannot expect moms to effectively transition into the fourth trimester and beyond without this information.

 Working with me during and after pregnancy provides you with a built-in resource to utilize as a sounding board and support system during a vulnerable period in your life.  Each service and course I have developed has been created from the place of someone who understood what was missing.  I find the gaps in perinatal care and develop the services that are necessary to support mothers and their families so that everyone has the best possible outcome during this special time.  A mother's mental health and stability are the responsibility of all of us.

Since my philosophy surrounds the Whole Mom that means I also provide transitional coaching services for partners as well as other individuals who will be a part of the mom's journey.  Each person is going through their own transformation and we cannot expect the mother to be the one responsible for supporting and educating her supports too


Prepping for Motherhood and Beyond

We tend to be reactive in our approach when it comes to maternal mental health, especially related to postpartum depression/anxiety, which tends to leave mothers feeling alone, confused, and at risk of developing a mood or anxiety disorder.  As a perinatal mental health trained professional, and mother of two with lived experience, I have gained a wealth of insight regarding the gaps in education and information related to the adjustment to motherhood.  I have created courses to assist moms in their first and subsequent journeys filling that gap and providing a bridge to services and resources.


Butterfly Boxes

Gifts to remind Mom that she is Valued

The Butterfly Box was inspired by my first journey with PMAD's and the loneliness and isolation that accompanied my transition into motherhood.  While it was a beautiful time it was all about my daughter, gifts for her, people visiting her, and sending her anything that she needed.  There were times when I felt forgotten about (unintentionally) and would have given anything to feel seen or valued by the outside world.

I created the butterfly box to serve as a reminder to all new mothers that they are valuable, they are seen, they are appreciated, and they will come through all of the tough stuff in due time.  The box is fille with goodies just for mom to use, a copy of my book, and some other fun gadgets to help her transition as peacefully as possible.

My daughter, Ava, helps me pack each one, and accompanies me on our shipping journey.  She tells my husband, "we are off to go make another mommy smile", and that right there is all of the validation I need.

You can purchase a box for someone specific, donate items to be purchased for boxes, or purchase a box and allow us to choose a donor.  We ship anywhere in the US and the shipping is added into the cost of the box.

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