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The Whole Mom

Maternal Mental Health and Wellness Organization

Becoming a new mother is one of the most rewarding and challenging times of a woman's life, and yet so few services are offered to support her during this time.  At The Whole Mom, we work with mothers through all phases of their journey to offer coaching and support as they transition from their life, into pregnancy and post-delivery. 

These transitional periods are crucial for them and require additional resources to support their evolving maternal mental health. 


We focus on the mom and what she needs to be the best parent she can be to her new child.  We offer support and education on how to identify early signs and symptoms of postpartum depression/anxiety and normalize feelings and emotions during this time.  We need to wrap our arms around our new mothers, encourage them, and support them to generate the most positive transition into motherhood

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Our Services

A comprehensive approach to maternal mental health and wellness

1:1 Coaching

Through lived experience and professional certifications, we offer 1:1 coaching sessions that assist moms transitioning from pregnancy to postpartum.  Through education, support, and validation, we provide moms with the information they need to transition safely and wholly into the postpartum period.


We provide two courses as live cohorts and on-demand formats to assist with the mental preparation needed to transition into the fourth trimester.  Our courses provide the information moms are seeking and not receiving in their perinatal appointments, and continue to offer support well after completion.

Virtual Space for Moms

We recognize the importance and value that comes along with a strong community.  We created a safe, virtual space for all moms, where they can receive support, education, and coaching at the click of a button.  Everyone who identifies as a mother is welcome in, THE NEST

Free Guides/Resources

We believe in the power of education and offer a variety of free checklists, guides, affirmations, and newsletters available to our subscribers each month.  Whether you are in a space to invest in your mental health or not, thee guides are guaranteed to get you thinking about the benefits of prioritizing your mental health.

Butterfly Boxes

Gifts to remind Mom that she is Valued

The Butterfly Box was inspired by my first journey with PMAD's and the loneliness and isolation that accompanied my transition into motherhood.  While it was a beautiful time it was all about my daughter, gifts for her, people visiting her, and sending her anything that she needed.  There were times when I felt forgotten about (unintentionally) and would have given anything to feel seen or valued by the outside world.

I created the butterfly box to serve as a reminder to all new mothers that they are valuable, they are seen, they are appreciated, and they will come through all of the tough stuff in due time.  The box is fille with goodies just for mom to use, a copy of my book, and some other fun gadgets to help her transition as peacefully as possible.

My daughter, Ava, helps me pack each one, and accompanies me on our shipping journey.  She tells my husband, "we are off to go make another mommy smile", and that right there is all of the validation I need.

You can purchase a box for someone specific, donate itemsfor boxes, or purchase a box and allow us to choose a donor.  We ship anywhere in the US and the shipping is included in the cost.

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