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A Digital Course designed to help you get unstuck and move forward on your journey

Life presents you with opportunities that you could take advantage of and use to your benefit to make necessary and desired changes.  You need to understand what they are, what they look like in your current season, and how you can leverage them so that you can become who you desire to be.  These opportunities to redefine who you are are known as transitions, and they occur more frequently than you might realize.  You don't have to wait for a New Year, or a Monday, to get started becoming the person you want to be and making sustainable changes throughout your life.  You only need a transition and the desire to evolve.

Dr. Nicole Kumi


I am a behavioral health professional trained in transitional coaching with a specialization in perinatal mental health.  I provide 1:1 coaching services for individuals who are in a transitional phase of life and are looking to leverage this period to elicit sustainable change.  Through education and lived experience I use 3 pillars to assist people in creating a life they find fulfilling by working with them to develop the person they want to become,

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About This Course

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This course was designed after I had experienced a series of transitions in my life related to motherhood.  I had been through two different postpartum experiences and then arrived at the place where it was up to me to define or redefine who  I was going to be as a mom.  Moving from a place of helplessness into a position of power felt so good and awakened this new sense in me.  I learned to lean into the seasons I was experiencing as a mom and taught myself how to get ahead of the wave rather than be knocked down by this.

After learning to "ride these waves" as I have coined it, I felt unstoppable and as if I had unlocked a hidden level somewhere in this journey of life.

I recognized I was not the only person who was currently or would ever find myself in these spaces and I wanted to share this process so that everyone could learn to get ahead of life and pivot in their journey whenever they felt they wanted to.  Not waiting for some event or to adhere to an arbitrary timeline.

This Course is for the person who...

Desires More in Their Life

Life is full of events and situations that can cause us to lose our footing or decide to stand our ground.  Sometimes these changes result in unpleasant endings and circumstances that leave you wanting more out of life and wondering how you will get there.

Is tired of starting and stopping

It can take up to 7 times of trying to change before you follow through with life changes.  Most people quit after 3 unsuccessful attempts resulting in frustrations and the vicious cycle of starting and stopping all over again.  Imagine if you started, succeeded, and kept going.  How much closer would you be to your outcome than you are if you keep quitting on yourself.  This course will lay the foundation for HOW to implement change, the best time to take action and walk you through leveraging life's events.

Is ready to re-define themself

Throughout life's transitions, you will experience several versions of yourself that were unintentionally created, and typically not designed in the best way.  Imagine knowing you have the power to build and re-create yourself with each transition you experience.  Imagine what features, characteristics, and strengths you would supply yourself with if you realized that you could do this.  This course will walk you through that process, allowing you to decide who the next YOU is going to be.

Course Objectives

Understanding Transitions

Life provides you with opportunities to re-define who you are if you have the level of awareness necessary to spot these transitions.  Understanding what they are, how they present, and why they are here is crucial in your ability to make sustainable and necessary changes in your life.

Process of Behavior Change

You might feel stuck or unsuccessful when trying to make these changes and that can be rectified with some education about the process of behavior change

Leveraging Transitions

There is such power in realizing how you can create and leverage a transition to assist you in getting where you want to be in life.  You don't need to wait for a New Year or your birthday to decide to take action.  You need a transition and can easily create one to use as a wave to get you to shore.

Utilizing a 3-step process to reach your transformation

Where are you now?

To move forward you need to understand where you currently are, mentally.  What has caused you to arrive at this current place, what have you learned, and what skills or characteristics have you developed that were necessary for this part of your journey?  Are you currently at a crossroads or transitional place? 


Where do you want to go?

You might not be clear about where you want to go, and during this course, you will complete an exercise that explores potential changes you may be considering and how to remove some of the barriers to making the change.  When you have a clear picture of where you want to go you can become more creative in determining what approach you will use to get there in the way that makes the most sense.  This course helps explore some fears you might be experiencing when it comes to re-establishing or redefining who you are, and assists you in developing a clear mindset around the necessity of change.

How do YOU get there?

This involves a series of changes that might need to take place for you to reach the destination you have been desiring.  You will learn different approaches to arriving at your destination by exploring what makes the most sense for where you want to go.  You will begin implementing the action steps immediately and begin unveiling this new version of yourself.  The one YOU decided to become by taking this course.


After Completing This Course You Will...

  • Begin to experience a sense of relief as well as have a roadmap to follow that will permit you to reach your destination. 

  • You will have a clear understanding of who you want to become, but you will have a path laid out to follow.

  • You will become exactly who you want to be rather than existing as the person you think you should be or deserve to be.  

  • You will remove barriers to change that have been built based on past experiences.

  • You will learn to lean into those challenges and craft a plan of growing out of them and into a new version of yourself.

Now, I have some questions for you.

How much more time are you willing to spend living a life that is no longer fulfilling?

Are you ready to lean into a transition and step into who you want to be?

Do you want to feel more alive, more positive, more purposeful, and experience what it feels like to create happiness?

If Yes, then you are ready to take this course and watch it change your life.
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