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Butterfly Mamas

A safe, trauma-informed space for moms in every stage of their journey.

I created Butterfly Mamas to allow moms in all stages of their journey a place where they feel safe, supported, and validated, minus the judgment.  There are so many moments in motherhood that we shy away from talking about due to the fear of judgment or being shamed by others that are close to us.  We forget that our community does not need to consist of people we actually know, or even family and close friends.  I have drawn so much strength and made some lasting connections with mothers I have met virtually.  My goal is to provide as many moms as possible, the opportunity to build a solid foundation of support so that whatever stage of motherhood she is entering, she has the wisdom of those before her, the strength of those alongside her, and the push from those under her.  It takes a village to raise your children, and another village to raise the MOTHER.

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