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This community was built on the belief that moms deserve to have a safe space to retreat to at the end of each day, just as they provide that space to their children.  Inside The Nest, they will receive support, encouragement, validation, hope, and reassurance that they are doing this mom thing right.  They can show up as themselves without explanation and lean into this community at every stage of their journey.

What you can Expect


Monthly Support Calls

These calls will focus on a variety of topics, some submitted by group members and others aimed at particular themes that arose in weekly discussions.  These calls are facilitated by a mental health expert/provider and provide information about the topic and skills to utilize to work through challenges.


Weekly Discussion Posts

The weekly discussion posts will be the main source of communication and support in The Nest.  The topics will be shared in the community space for everyone to comment on, seek support, or provide encouragement to each mom in the group.  



This Library will house a multitude of resources such as the recorded LIVE calls, courses created by Nicole, podcast episodes, and articles that can provide self-paced education and support to moms who might need that level of support and resources.

This space is separate from social media platforms and created in its app to provide the most comfort and ease regarding use.  Moms can show up as they are, or choose an avatar and appropriate name to use in this space.  We want everyone to feel comfortable and safe in this virtual space.

Join The Nest Today

Fill out the form below and it will send you to The Nest where you can join for ONE year, getting everything mentioned above for a monthly price.  Be sure to set up your profile once you join.

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