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I am a behavioral health professional trained in transitional coaching with a specialization in perinatal mental health.  I provide 1:1 coaching services for individuals who are in a transitional phase of life and are looking to leverage this period to illicit sustainable change.  Through education and lived experience I use 3 pillars to assist people in creating a life they find fulfilling by working with them to develop the person they want to become,

The Nest

As Moms, we are conditioned to believe that our community should be comprised of family and friends, and while that is true, there is a whole world of moms out there looking for many of the same things.  We seek validation, support, community, and belonging, and sometimes that comes much easier in the form of strangers, connected by one thing, motherhood.  I created THE NEST as a safe space for moms to return to and fill their cups with all of the things she is seeking.  Maybe you have a solid community but are looking to expand it.  Maybe you have a good support system and hesitate to fully open up to them for fear of being judged or not heard.

At The NEST you will be received with open arms, compassion, and love.  My goal is that when you leave a call you feel grounded and supported and have actionable steps you can take to rectify whatever it is you are experiencing.  The NEST is open for all discussion points (babies, in-laws, partners, careers) and you will have the option to submit questions ahead of time and remain anonymous if you choose.

How does it work?

Monthly Calls via zoom that you can attend LIVE and have questions answered and receive open coaching if you need it.  Guest speakers and subject matter experts will join to facilitate specific topics of need throughout the year.  Calls will be recorded and emailed out to members

Access to Nicole and other group members via Voxer or Slack channel where you can "check-in" and send updates or requests for support throughout the month.

Questionnaires will be emailed the week of the call soliciting questions or topics of discussion that Nicole and the group can facilitate

Break-out rooms may be facilitated for networking and "getting to know" other moms.  Fun activities to de-stress and engage in some natural fun outside of your regular schedule.

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